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Carrier cover update | gold primer pin

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February 13, 2023. 


The “gold" primer pin is simply the original design primer pin with yellow zinc plating. The “self-cleaning” pin is no longer required on the second production run carrier covers. We wanted an easy way for customers and our production people to identify the pin when installed on the press. Either pin will work in the new carrier cover and will self-clean but the yellow pin will not self-clean in the old carrier cover.


The first production run of carrier covers had the draft reversed on the primer pin hole. The draft or taper allowed spilled fine grain powder to wedge between the primer pin and casting hole causing the pin to stick up.


It is unlikely that anyone will ever need to replace the primer pin or carrier cover. If you require a replacement carrier cover, the only type you can obtain from Lee Precision is the current design and any pin will work. The bulk of all the presses that have left the factory have the self-cleaning pin installed we changed the pin November 30th 2022 or have the new production carrier cover.


The whole primer pin issue has been resolved for some time and anyone purchasing a press today should not concern themselves with the primer pin installed on their press. 

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