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Classic Turret Press Kit (90304)

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This kit and a set of Lee dies is everything you need to begin handgun reloading.

The Classic Turret Press is fast and convenient when loading handgun cartridges, with rates in excess of 250 rounds per hour possible. The kit includes the Auto Drum Powder Measure and Powder Measure Riser, perfect for all handgun and rifle cartridges. If charging Rifle calibers, be sure to order the Short or Long Charging Die. Large and Small Safety Prime are included making on press priming an ease. Instant change Turret makes changing calibers a snap. The almost 4" clearance height allows for the use of the auto-indexing for most rifle calibers, however if the over all length is longer, just deactivate the auto-index and batch load the longer rifle cartridges.

Complementing your press kit are the case conditioning tools to prepare your brass for loading. Includes Cutter, Lock Stud, Chamfer Tool, small and large Primer Pocket Cleaner, and a tube of Lee case sizing lube. Complete it with the cartridge specific Case Length Gauge.

Verify your loads with the included Lee Safety powder scale.

Completing the kit is Modern Reloading Second Edition recently revised with all new load data covering 167 cartridges with over 28,000 loads.

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