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Custom Case Length Gauge

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Custom case length gauges can be made for cartridges that fit an existing shell holder. We will need to know the desired trim length, and either the bullet diameter or a couple sized sample cases. The cost for this service is listed on our website below.

Current lead time for Custom Case Length Gauges is approximately 6 weeks.

While there is really no maximum caliber, the smallest we can make is .22. We can not make anything in 17 cal or 20 cal because it is too small for our cutter to trim. Check out our Quick Trim Case Trimmer system for these smaller cartridges.

17 Ack Hornet Too Small
17 Rem Too Small
19 Calhoon Too Small
204 Ruger Too Small
25 ACP Too Small
40 Hanes No Shellholder
416 Barrett No Shellholder
470 Nitro Express Too Large
50 Sharpe Too Large
500/450 Nitro Express Too Large
577 BP Express Too Large

A Custom Case Length Gauge can be ordered through this link:, MidwayUSA stocks most of our products and several Custom Overrun Gauges. Please see their website for availability.

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