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Lee Deluxe APP primer feeding consistency or double feed

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If the red case inserter doesn't push case all the way to center or if you short stroke the press lever, the case will not be in the correct position to receive a new primer.  Also, if the primer pocket crimp removal is not adequate, it would make seating a new primer in difficult or crush the primer.  We recommend swaging your brass before attempting to prime. We offer two solutions, for customer's with a single stage reloading press our Ram Swage # 91617 or APP Swage Kit # 90237. Double feeding is not normal, if the primer size selector was not in place or adjusted for the right size, it could create the necessary clearance to allow a double feed to happen.  If hand is short stroked and reset, a new primer will also be fed, and that would give the appearance of a double feed, as the primer slider would be pushing two primers in after this action.


If a primer doesn't go in a pocket correctly, you would feel that in the press handle.

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