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Powder Thru Expanding Dies for rifles

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We do not offer a Powder Thru Expanding Die for rifle calibers unless they have a straight wall, which in that case it is included in the die set. Case mouth expanding is performed in the Full Length Sizing Die by means of the Easy X Expander/Decapper.
If you need to expand the case mouth to a diameter smaller or larger than what the Easy X Expander/Decapper provides, you can either chamfer the case mouth, have a Custom Undersize or Oversize Easy X Expander/Decapper made or use the Universal Case Expanding Die.
To charge rifle cases, we make a Short and Long Charging Die - either sold individually or in the Charging Die Kit. The Short Charging Die is meant for cases between .860" and 1.760" long, and bullet diameters .223" or larger due to powder bridging issues. The Long Charging Die is meant for cases from 1.760" to 2.620" long.

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