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What is needed to get started

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If you have no loading equipment and are just getting started, you must consider that these basic steps need to be taken.
1. Resize and deprime the spent case
2. Prime the spent case
3. Charge the case
4. Seat and crimp (if desired) a new bullet.

We have several aggressively priced kits that contain almost everything you need to get started. The Lee 50th Anniversary Kit, Breech Lock Challenger Kit, Bench Prime Press Kit and the Lee Classic Turret Press Kit. With any of the kits, any caliber specific items would be extra, such as the dies. We highly recommend Lee Dies as they are the only ones that include a shell holder (except RGB) necessary for presses to use the dies. Lee dies also include load data and a powder dipper (except RGB) that is appropriate for most loads on the data sheet.

If loading rifle cases, we recommend the purchase of the appropriate Case Length Gauge to use in conjunction with the Cutter & Lock Stud that comes with the Kits or Quick Trim Die for use with the Value Trimmer included in the 50th Anniversary, Breech Lock Challenger and Bench Prime Press Kits. In combination, these tools ensure that cases don't get too long to cause potential pressure problems.

There are many more options and we would be happy to send you a free catalog. Simply fill out your request on our website:

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