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What Shell Plate should I use for my caliber?

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We do not have a complete list of all calibers compatible for each shell plate due to cartridge limitation warnings for the Pro1000 and Auto Breech Lock Pro/Pro4000, as well as the vast amount of calibers on the market make it very difficult to list all of them.
However, to determine what Shell Plate is used, see what standard Lee Universal Shell Holder is used for that cartridge, and the same number translates over to the Shell Plates. A complete Shell Holder list can be found through here:
Then compare the Shell Holder number to the Shell Plate list for your press.
Pro1000 =
Auto Breech Lock Pro / Pro4000 =
Loadmaster =
You can not use a Shell Plate from one progressive press on another progressive press (i.e. Pro1000 Shell Plate on a Loadmaster, etc.) They are not interchangeable.

If a Shell Plate is not found for the progressive press you have it is usually for one of two reasons:  either we do not have enough demand to warrant producing one as a standard item -or- the cartridge limitations do not allow calibers with that size Shell Plate to be reloaded on the press.
  • The Pro1000 overall cartridge maximum clearance height is 2 5/16" or 2.3125". Anything with an overall length of this or longer can not be loaded on the press. This is because the Shell Plate will start to index before the cartridge is completely out of the Bullet Seating Die, and would cause indexing and adjustment issues.
  • The Auto Breech Lock Pro / Pro4000 will automatically index with cartridges that have an overall Length of up to 2.30" or 58mm long; or the Shell Plate starts to index before the cartridge is completely out of the die. Removing the Index Rod and manually indexing the press allows you to load most of the longer action rifle cartridges.

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