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7.62 x 38 Russian Nagant Revolver reloading dies

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We made a limited production run of 7.62 x 38mm Russian Nagant Revolver cartridge dies for Midway USA (800) 243-3220 or Documentation included with the dies came from them. We have no information or load data for this caliber other than they were originally loaded to about 850 feet per second and the original bullet diameter was .306”.

These dies have been adjusted to work with brass which has a wall thickness ranging from .010 to .012 thick. This means when resized the case will hold tight a .306” diameter bullet that has been pushed in flush with the mouth of a 38mm case, (1.496” long case).

Brass made in the U.S. for the .32-20 cartridge can also be used, but when the case wall is less than .008” thick the bullet may not be held tight in the case.

The case mouth is reduced in size by being squeezed down by the hole diameter in the die. The thicker the brass wall, the smaller the neck inside diameter.

Be sure to use LEE Resizing Lubricant.

A LEE #6 Universal shell holder will work, depending on whose brass you are reloading. LEE will modify your shell holder to work with your brass if returned to the factory with empty brass that does not fit.

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