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Auto Drum Powder Measure leaking due to damaged clutch daisy wheel

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If the key on the clutch daisy wheel is damaged, it may allow the clutch daisy wheel to misalign against the alloy body of the powder measure when the clamp knob is tightened to secure the powder drum in the powder measure. This misalignment will result in the powder drum being too loose, and may cause powder leakage from the measure during use.

Contact us here for a replacement clutch daisy wheel.

An interim fix while you wait for your replacement clutch daisy wheel, is to rotate the powder drum clockwise to the 2 o'clock position when you tighten the clamp knob to secure the powder drum. This will position the key on the clutch daisy wheel so it does not contact the alloy body of the measure and impede proper tightening of the powder drum.

AutoDrumClutchWheelNotDamaged.jpg AutoDrumClutchWheelDamaged.jpg
Undamaged/normal clutch wheel Damaged clutch wheel

AutoDrumAssemClutchWheelOkay.jpg AutoDrumAssemClutchWheelDamaged.jpg
Properly aligned/normal clutch wheel Improperly aligned clutch wheel

To replace the clutch daisy wheel:

1) Remove the powder drum from the powder measure. Note alignment of the gears that are visible when you remove the powder drum.

2) Remove the circular retainer ring (do not lose) from the drive hub.

3) Remove the damaged clutch daisy wheel and install new part.

4) Replace circular retainer ring, make sure it is properly seated on the drive hub.

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