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Auto-Drum Leaking Powder

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  1. Remove all the powder from the powder measure and remove the powder drum from the measure body.
  2. Check to make sure that the elastomer wiper is present in the powder measure body.
  3. Clean all powder grains from the powder drum and from the cavity in the powder measure body that the drum fits into.
  4. Re-install the powder drum and tighten the clamp knob that secures the drum in the measure.
  5. When using fine grain powder, the clamp knob needs to be quite tight. Alternately raise a case into the powder die and tighten the clamp knob until the rotation of the drum begins to stall. Then loosen the knob just enough so that normal rotation is restored.
  6. After the clamp knob has been adjusted you may re-introduce powder to the measure.

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