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Broken decapper

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If you return the broken decapper to the factory, it will be replaced at no charge. Be sure and include the type of die and what the caliber is. 

Our address is:

Lee Precision, Inc.
4275 Highway "U"
Hartford, WI 53027 

Otherwise, You can order replacement parts via our web site, at Search for the product that you need parts for, and then click on the red link "Click here to view parts" in the product description. This should bring up a listing of replacement parts for the item selected. 

The trick to adjusting the decapper is to just tighten the decapper clamp enough so that the decapper will push out 90% of the primers, but the very stubborn ones will cause the decapper to slide up through the clamp. Start with the decapper clamp just tight enough to keep the decapper from falling out the bottom of the die. Try to resize a case. The decapper will probably slide up through the decapper clamp. Tap the decapper back down flush with the top of the decapping clamp, tighten the clamp another 1/8 turn, and try again. Repeat until you successfully deprime the case.

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