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Installing Bullet Feeder accessory to Six Pack Pro.

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See attachment for instructions with photos:

  1. Fasten attach plate to press using a stubby Phillips screwdriver. Attach plate rests underneath carrier.

  2. Install friction actuator and spring through attach plate. Screw 10-24 NUT on friction actuator (fits tightly). Finger tighten 10-24 NUT. If finger tightening is uncomfortable, lightly snug with 3/8” wrenches.

  3. Install action rod into feeder link. Use end hole as shown.

  4. Install Steel Breech Lock bushing into station 4.

  5. Slide down action rod and bullet feed assembly into the friction actuator.

  6. Install bullet seating die with lock ring on and feeder assembly into position 4. Verify the action rod is close to vertical.

  7. Secure bracket with Phillips when position in set.

  8. Spline drive bushing can either be installed in station 3 or station 5, but not both positions at the same time due to interference from the bullet feed kit bracket..


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