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Using Breech Lock Bullet Sizer on NON Lee Reloading Press.

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Use the instructions below to install the Breech Lock Bullet Sizer Kit on your non-Lee Reloading press.


1. Determine if your press is 1-1/4 x 12 or 1-1/2 x 12 Threaded


2. Install appropriate sized Breech Lock Adapter, 90512 1 1/4-12 or 90094 1 1/2-12. Remove silver Spline Drive breech lock bushing from Black adapter, this will not be used at all for sizing bullets.


3. Install steel bullet sizer into Breech Lock Bullet sizer insert, the LEE .xxx size stencil end down first. Install Breech Lock Bullet Sizer Insert, BS4260, in Black Breech Lock adapter

Drop roll mark end down first

4. Secure steel sizer into Breech Lock Bullet Sizer insert, by screwing in Bottle adapter, BS4259.  At this time you can install accessory catch container, which is also secured by the Bottle Adapter, BS4259

 Section view of assembly

Finished assembly  

5. Slide punch into ram shell holder slot, and begin sizing.

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