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Convert ACP to APP

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The ACP priming tool shares many components from our App press. However, it may be more economical to purchase an App from one of our dealers vs. purchasing the parts required to make the conversion. 

If you are interested in what is involved with a conversion here are the steps required:

The ACP Priming tool rides on smaller columns that are wider spaced to accommodate the primer trough. The upper carrier has a substantial relief cut machined to allow primer trough clearance and the connecting links web is slotted for primer trough clearance.

It is possible to convert the ACP to be used like the APP press. Because primer pocket swaging requires so much pressure, we don’t recommend you use the ACP press for this operation.

To use the ACP press for other APP press operations, you will have to do some disassembly and purchase at least the shell holder adapter product # 91631.

You must remove the primer trough assembly by removing two 4-40 pan head screws. Remove the push/guide die, guide fingers and extractor. If your planning to size bullets you’ll also need to order the “B” tube support part # PA4360, and small bullet feed tube product # BF3489. If you are sizing bullets smaller than .25 caliber you will also need the 22 cal fingers part # PA4988.

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