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Modern Reloading Second Edition Book

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Modern Reloading Second Edition is a hardcover book written by Richard Lee. No person, dead or alive, has more reloading patents than Mr. Lee. He explains how to reload ammunition that is more accurate than factory on your first try.

This book has something for everyone. There are step by step instructions and explanations for the beginner and information such as the mathematical reduced load formula for the experienced. There is also ample information on what techniques to use for specific situations. Bullet casting, slug making, bullet lubrication, powder measuring, case handling, shot shell loading and more are covered in detail.

The book is also filled with a great deal of interesting history of Lee Precision and most of the tools that are in current production. Richard Lee has received numerous compliments for his ability to take what many people consider to be a mysterious process and make it easily understood.

Modern Reloading is a great loading manual for new and old cartridges alike. The loading data comes from all the major powder manufactures (Alliant, Accurate, Ramshot, Hodgdon, Norma, and VihtaVuori-Lapua) and is sorted by bullet weight and velocity. Using this unique method, you can most often find the better loads listed at the top of each bullet weight. Along with suggested charge weights, the proper powder dipper and Auto Disk measure cavities are also listed. 

This book is a tool - and should be on every loading bench.

Cartridges that have load data in Modern Reloading:

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